Kiln Management services

Industrial Refractory installs complete kiln management systems, using the latest Honeywell controls and Allen Bradley PLCs with a computer monitoring and supervisory system. The latest Hybrid Honeywell controllers have the capability to control 32 zones in one unit. They can use conventional fuel only or ratio control but really demonstrate their power with IRSI's unique pulse firing algorithms. The power of these controllers allows you to control and monitor every aspect of your kiln from zone temperatures and exhaust drafting to automated recipe loads; all integrated into one unit a fraction of the size of your typical control panel. For very large pulse fired installations in the region of a hundred burners with logging of temperatures, pressures and oxygen profiles along the kiln/dryer lengths, multiple controller installations utilizing communications, is the solution.

With the addition of a Personal Computer and a SCADA software package, using the same communications as the controllers, complete kiln management becomes as easy as clicking a mouse. From overview screens allowing the entire kiln to be easily monitored to the complete answer to product tracking through kilns and dryers, with dynamic recipe loads and zone set points updating as a car moves. Data logging gives the ability to replay any car's progress through the kiln or dryer.

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Recipe management has become simple, with one click loading and on screen editing of all values. No need to worry about unauthorized recipe changes with multi-level password control available. Controlled heat up/cool down on recipe change is available with a user selected ramp rate.

Graphical charts showing historical trends for any value are easily configured, however for powerful analysis and statistical control, the ability to export data directly to Excel, provides almost limitless potential. With IRSI custom configured reports it can all happen with the push of one on screen button.

IRSI's controller/PC package installation offers a unique approach. The use of advanced industrial controllers with all the necessary algorithms pre-programmed in their non-volatile memories allows for robust stand alone operation with no loss of capabilities. A standard SCADA package operating over this gives access to the powerful graphic visualization available with a PC along with centralized management of several controller installations.