Refractory Construction

Industrial Refractory Services, Inc. repairs and replaces refractory linings in all types of high temperature process equipment in steel mills, power plants, cement kilns, aluminum and copper processing equipment, heat treating furnaces, thermal oxidizers, incinerators and many other types of high temperature process equipment.

Modular Refractory

IRSI has years of experience installing brick work, gunite, pumping, shotcreting and casting of refractory castables; installation of plastic refractory's; ceramic blanket and modules; and ceramic welding.

Castable Refractory Blanket Refractory

IRSI custom manufactures fire retardants and installs special refractory shapes. Our warehouse stocks a variety of refractory products for quick customer response

Casting Tower

43 foot casting tower for our larger projects. This tower will soon be modified with additional floors for projects up to 60 feet.


IRSI has the capacity to dry out large refractory linings either at your site, or our shop. An IRSI designed control system will effectively follow any dry out schedule while providing a complete record in electronic format. This record may then be printed or converted to a format you desire.

In Shop Dryout

On site dry out. Click image for larger view.

In Field Dryout

In shop dry out. Click image for larger view.