Custom Fabrication, Retrofits, & Upgrades

Industrial Refractory Services, Inc. designs, engineers, fabricates and installs heat-treating furnaces, metal melting furnaces, ceramic kilns, thermal oxidizers, incinerators, and other custom industrial process equipment.

Rail Car

IRSI fabricates furnaces for steel mills and aluminum melters as well as thermal oxidizers for fume and smoke incineration and dunnage incinerators.

Flame Burner

Exterior insulation can be gunite applied to seal cracks and improve heat loss at any time. Any other steel and refractory repairs can also be done while a kiln is shut down for maintenance overhaul including refractory brick work, cast able, gunite and ceramic module work. Some of the services we provide for upgrading and retrofitting kilns and furnaces are:

  • Kiln cooling.
  • CAD drawings.
  • Blower and fan installation.
  • Car rail extensions.
  • On-site steel fabrication and repair.
  • Insulated duct work.

IRSI engineers and fabricates skid-mounted air and multi fuel trains, including oil, built to specific customer needs and specifications.